Three Times The Wishes

A golfer is playing a round when he hits his ball into the woods.

As he is looking for the ball in the long grass he kicks an old bottle and the genie pops out.

The genie informs him that he has three wishes, but that there is a catch. The genie tells him whatever he wishes for his wife also gets times three.

For the first wish, the man asks for one million pounds. The genie says this is ok but reminds the man that his wife will get three million. The man agrees and the genie grants the wish.

For his second wish, the Man wishes to be made the worlds best golfer. The Genie warns him that he can only be the third best as his wife will be the best in the world. The man again agrees and has his wish granted.

“now,” says the Genie “what is your final wish?”

The man replies, “Wait until I get back into the golf club then give me a mild heart attack”