The Genie, The Englishman, Irishman And Scotsman

An English man an Irishman and a Scotsman were walking along a beach. The Englishman and Irish man were both getting tired of hearing why “Scotland is the best country in the world” and how “It needs to be independent to become even stronger” when paddy kicked an empty bottle, a genie popped out saying:

“Ok you have 3 wishes but being there are three of you that’s one wish each”

Agreeing the men each considered their wish. The Irishman went first.

“Well I am a fisherman, my dad was a fisherman and my grandad before him. My son wants to be a fisherman too, so my wish is that the seas always be stocked with an ample supply of fish”

The genie granted his wish.

The stroppy Scot went next.

“That’s easy I want you to build a wall around Scotland so that no one can get out and the bloody English, Irish and Welsh can’t get in.”

The genie waved his hand and the wish was granted. “What about you?” The genie asked the Englishman.

“Tell me more about this wall.” He replied.

The Genie Said, “Well it’s 2000 feet high, 400 feet thick and impenetrable.”

“Fill it up with water” Replied the Englishman.