Paddy Joins The SAS

Paddy goes to join the SAS and is going through his interview very well the interviewer says to him….

“OK Paddy just one more task and one more question before we accept you”

He then handed Paddy some semtex explosives and a detonator and told him he had to leave, blow something up then come back to the office.

Paddy disappeared out of the door and sure enough 10 minutes later the interviewer hears BOOM somewhere outside his office. Paddy returns to the office looking all smug.

Interviewer: “Ok you have completed that now for the final question, how many letters are there in the alphabet?”

Paddy: “Dere’s 24”

Interviewer: No think about that again for a second

Paddy is adamant

Paddy: I told ye dere’s 24

Interviewer: Actually there are 26 letters in the alphabet

Paddy: Oh no dere’s not I just blew up B&Q