Deadly Discussion

One night after a few too many wines a husband and wife were talking and the conversation was getting a little deep.

Wife: Can I ask you something?
Husband: Sure
Wife: If I died would you get married again?
Husband: Well I suppose so eventually.

The wife looks a little hurt at this.

Wife: And would you move her into our house?
Husband: Well obviously.
Wife: And would you sleep with her in our bed?
Husband: Well, yes that’s what married couples do.
Wife: And would you take down all the photos of me and replace them with ones of her?
Husband: Well I think that would be the kind thing to do.
Wife: And would you let her play my guitar????
Husband: Oh no no that will never happen.

The wife smiles that he least conceded this.

Husband: She is left-handed!