Bankrupt Zoo

A zoo is going bankrupt before long all the money dries up and the zookeeper, who is passionate about his animals, has no food left to feed them. One morning when he arrives at work all the bees in the bee house are dead. Upset he thinks “Well I can’t waste them!” He took them over to the birdhouse and fed them to the finches.

After a week all the bees were gone and the finches starved to death, again saddened the zookeeper thinks “Well I can’t waste them, there’s a lot of meat there!” So he took them over to the monkey house so the monkeys had something to eat.

Another week passed and after the finches were gone the monkeys starved to death, in one last attempt to save at least some of the animals the zookeeper put all the dead chimps into a wheelbarrow and rolled them over to the lion’s cage for the lions to eat. As he’s approaching the enclosure one lion says to another “Oh my god, not finch, chimps and bees again!”
(Think about it, and say it out loud without saying fish chips and beans!)