So what's it all about?

Ok so here is the deal. I know that there are lots of joke websites out there but let's face it most of them are crap. You have to read a gazillion naff jokes just to get to one good one.

Well, this one is run by a pro comedian namely ME my name is Garry Desmond. Jokes are what I do for a living (apart from my job putting holes in mini doughnuts).

So after 30 years of telling jokes am I insanely qualified to tell you what's funny? No of course not, people have very different senses of humour but as you can imagine I am not bad at judging what makes most people laugh.

On this site, you will find jokes, funny photos and funny videos both clean and adult in nature.

Remember laughter is the best medicine unless you have a bad headache then it is probably Ibuprofen.

Who is Garry Desmond?

Garry Desmond was born at the very early age of 0. His life, however, started in tragedy, he was orphaned at just 3 months old when his parents mistook a bottle of wood varnish for wine. The autopsy on his parents revealed they died a horrible death but had a lovely finish.

After this Garry was brought up by a pack of wolves just outside Manchester until he got his first job at the age of 16 putting holes in doughnuts. Unfortunately, this was not to become a long-term career as dinky doughnuts went out of fashion.

One day while on the way to buy a copy of the Beano Garry was kidnapped by some long-haired fella with a pair of tights on his head. Next thing he knew he was in Gran Canaria. After being fired from several local government jobs for working too quickly he took up stand up for a living which he does to this day.

All the above is 100% true apart from the lies.

I can’t believe you are reading this rubbish, go read some jokes or download some comedy songs for goodness sake

Or if you really want boring to death you can head over to my main site and read the real bio.

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