The Writing Is On The Wall

For Crap Jokes


The Rules

ONE: If I wouldn't tell it on stage it doesn't go on the site. I don't tell all of these but you get the idea of the standard required.

TWO: If you are an ultra-liberal snowflake (yes us old folks can apply labels to people too) you are not welcome here please go be offended somewhere else.  Your offence offends me. Always remember have a right to be offended but just because you are offended does not make you right.

THREE: Clean jokes are free, so laugh yourself silly, that is what they are there for. 

FOUR:  Adult jokes are for adults they are in a member's area and that's where they are staying. Other people may think it is ok to let kids read them I DO NOT. It is £2 for a lifetime membership to help pay for this site and advertise a little so we can share the laughter with as many people as possible. 

Charging a fee is the only way to ensure kids don't join (I actually give you that back in the member's area to spend on my main site). If you want to complain about half a penny per day see rule six. 

FIVE: If you submit a joke and it does not get published, don't get bitter get better.

SIX: If you want to complain about something on the site feel free to email me but do not be surprised if I complain about you in my reply and put you on the whiner's hall of fame in the member's area.



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